Trinny has finally launched skincare and she gives us an exclusive lowdown on the new products

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived

Ever since Trinny Woodall launched her beauty brand, Trinny London, in 2017 we had wondered how long it would be until she made the move into skincare. And five years of waiting, that day has finally arrived.

Today Trinny London has debuted two new cleansers – Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser and Better Off AHA/PHA Cleanser. Trinny was conscious not to overwhelm her customers with another vast skincare range, so the plan is to launch one category at a time. She wanted to start with cleansers because a good skincare routine begins with a good face clean.

The duo of cleansers is designed to get us back into the habit of double cleansing, because as Trinny says, ‘you can’t expect one cleanser to do all of the work’.

Trinny London Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser, £32
This oil-based balm cleanser is your first step. Massaged into dry skin, the combination of almond and jojoba oils melt away make-up (including those tough to remove waterproof formulas), the day’s dirt and grime, and SPF. The formula is really nourishing and kind to the skin, it doesn’t strip so your microbiome stays happy. There’s pumpkin enzyme in there too, which nibbles away at dulling dry skin cells. Add a little bit of water to turn it into a milk, then remove it with the Trinny London T-Towel.

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Trinny London Better Off AHA/PHA Cleanser, £28
The second cleanse removes anything left on the skin and further exfoliates thanks to the AHAs and BHAs. Malic acid is great at getting rid of skin cell build up and lactobionic acid gently exfoliates the skin, whilst hydrating. Wash off with wash and what’s left is bright, glowy and clear skin.

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Trinny gives us the lowdown on her new cleansers

We asked Trinny to take us through her cleansing routine to give us the full low down on the two new products…

So there we have it, Trinny London’s skincare range. If this is just a hint of what else is to come, we are excited.

We’ll see you a the checkout.

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