The 20 Best Products for 4C Curls, Hands Down

Self-love is the best love they say. I have to agree. As a girl who grew up in the era of relaxers and flat ironing our coils within an inch of their life, going natural was not a linear journey—especially when I looked in the mirror at my actual hair texture. And when I say actual hair texture, I mean without stretching it with roller sets, twists-outs, or any other form for manipulation. I want to make it clear I’m not against any of those techniques. But once I just allowed my hair to be, I saved time on wash days and started looking in the mirror and loving my coils.

Now, there are days when I don’t look in the mirror and say: “Hey curls, I love you”—because I know what it’s going to take to get them rehydrated and looking like their best selves again. But, here I am still rocking all of my Type 4 curls and about to share with you the products that are always in rotation because they not only keep my curls looking great but also keep my hair healthy. See below.

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