Here’s How I Define My Style Beyond Plus Size Stereotypes

Gen Z Says is a series where we tap different members of Generation Z who will give us the latest insight on what’s cool in the fashion space. 

While the fashion industry has seen significant improvements in the plus-size space in the past few years, it doesn’t change the fact that for a long time, the fashion “rules” that were created were often tainted with preferences towards slimmer body types. If you watched shows like What Not to Wear, you’d remember that plus size women were often told to stay away from certain types of clothing and sticking to what made them look most “flattering”, which really meant slimmer. Now, many people are working to break the old-fashioned rules and stereotypes that can often run deep in the sartorial world. One of those people is Lauren Licup, a Gen-Z fashion influencer that not only takes to social media to show her glorious outfits, but also is constantly sharing her journey to finding confidence with her body and helping others do the same. 

In one of Lauren’s many viral videos, she read an article that provided a list of things “plus size women shouldn’t wear.” She proved the article wrong by wearing exactly what they told her not to. Below, she shares the trends that plus size women are often told they shouldn’t wear and how she styles them regardless. Keep scrolling to be inspired and shop her style.

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