Gadget Book: Electric Revolution

Not strictly a Gadget-related book, I know, but still… and I haven’t seen this one, so the usual caveat emptor applies.

Anyway, its author is Aidan McClean, and the book is described as follows:

McClean’s comprehensively researched book reveals the truth behind climate change and the role internal combustion engines and Big Oil had in affecting it. Plus, it exposes the myths around electric vehicles, their viability, their effect on our environment and their potential in averting the climate disaster.

Whether you are sceptical about man-made climate change and are a dedicated petrolhead, or are a card-carrying environmentalist and already drive an EV, this book will open your eyes and your mind.

You can find it on Amazon.


The author is described as an entrepreneur and clean technology investor who co-founded the world’s first all-digital all-electric car rental company, UFODRIVE.

He writes:

“We are at a crucial stage in human civilization’s development,” writes ELECTRIC REVOLUTION author, Aidan McClean. “We may not survive the planet overheating due to climate change because of carbon emissions from our 200 years of fossil fuel burning frenzy. I have learned that we are in this situation in part because of lies and cover-ups from the hydrocarbon industry, internal combustion automakers, and vested fossil fuel interests.”

“However, there is good news and a lot of hope. Over the past five years of writing this book, I have zero doubt that we are living in the middle of a rapidly accelerating electric revolution. The momentum is now unstoppable and we’re past the tipping point. The age of internal combustion and ultimately the age of oil is at the beginning of its end. Almost every major automaker has now declared its intention to become electric.”

Electric Revolution details

Title: Electric Revolution: Myths & Truths about Electric Vehicles and Climate Disaster
Author: Aidan McClean
Publisher: Self-published
Date: 23 March 2022
Format: Paperback, e-book
Price: £16.99 (£7.49 for e-book)
Pages: 310
ISBN-13: 978-9998790216


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